How to extract IPA from iOS device

  1. 1.
    Download and install APP from Apple Store or other source.
  2. 2.
    Connect with SSH.
ssh root@<iPhone-IP> # default password 'alpine'
  1. 3.
    Go to Bundle container directory.
cd /var/containers/Bundle/Application/
  1. 4.
    Get UUID folder from APP or listing all.
find | grep "<APP-NAME>"
ls *
All installed IPAS
  1. 5.
    Go to UUID folder APP
cd <UUID-Folder>
  1. 6.
    Create Payload dir
mkdir Payload
  1. 7.
    Find .app folder name of UUID Folder and copy all content in Payload folder
cp -r <APP-NAME>.app/ Payload/
  1. 8.
    Create IPA File from folder
zip -r /var/root/<NAME-TO-EXTRACT-IPA>.ipa Payload/
  1. 9.
    Connect with SFTP
sftp root@<iPhone-IP> # default password 'alpine'
  1. 10.
    Get IPA
get -r /var/root/<NAME-TO-EXTRACT-IPA>.ipa
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